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As a life coach, I’ve come to notice that all of my clients - in fact pretty much everyone - is in the midst of some kind of life relocation.

I’ve partnered with clients as they relocated from:

  • Parenting to an empty nest
  • Employment to self-employment
  • Unemployment to a new job
  • Employment to retirement with purpose
  • Compromised health to full health
  • Disengaged to engaged partnership
  • Divorce to remarriage
  • Single to married
  • Miscarriage to new pregnancy
  • Couplehood to parenthood
  • Sedentary to active

Why do some glide through the experience while others fall apart? I’ve noticed that those who relocate with ease do so because of how they choose to approach the transition. I believe you have a higher likelihood of succeeding in these life transitions if you partner with a qualified coach who is passionate about guiding you as you navigate the changes. As we work together, I'll become a catalyst for your personal growth, drawing from each of my varied experiences.




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"My business is expanding rapidly and as a result, my life can be really, really crazy. Before I started working with Maripat, I didn’t know how to slow down and focus. Her coaching has helped me figure out how to better manage stress and improve my personal relationships. One thing I really like is being able to reach out to her for in-the-moment advice, between our formal sessions. She’s always there for me and has just the right suggestion to help me move forward.

Ksenia Yankilates
Associate Broker, Urban Real Estate

"I experienced a spinal injury that was generating a significant amount of pain. As my condition worsened and the pain increased, the only short-term solution offered by the medical staff was increasing dosages of opioids. I could not handle the pain without the medication but I hated the side effects of the opioids and was fearful of addiction. I met with Maripat and learned meditation and breathing techniques that helped me control the pain. I was able to immediately reduce the amount of medication I was taking and better handle the pain peaks. I highly recommend Maripat. Her assistance with this situation was extremely valuable to me because I felt like I had no alternatives. I still use her techniques to this day and am much better at handling pain and stress than I was prior to her guidance." 

Sam Mastovich
President, MIBS Inc

"Before I started life coaching with Maripat, I was at a 5 out of 10 in the area of present moment.  I had not known how to focus goals around “being” - I was always so focused on what I needed to DO next that I was restless and agitated about not being able to achieve enough.  Now, after exploring techniques and strategies with Maripat, I am in touch with a peace of mind that provides me serenity.  I am grateful to be able to let go of what does not serve me and embrace the present moment.  I am much happier now, at an 8-9, and able to share what I have learned with others."

Marti Lawrence, LMSW, CFRE
Director of Community Engagement

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3 Easy Steps to Better Health, Increased Energy, and More Peace ... Starting Now!

No spam. Only relevant offers.