Yoga & Workshop Calendar

Calming Chair Yoga

The goal is simple: to bring peace to the mind and body.


Class Flow (45 minutes)

  • Initial 5 minutes — Breathing and centering
  • 30 minutes — Gentle flowing yoga practice that includes poses in and beside the chair
  • Final 10 minutes — Guided meditation

Class Times:        

  • Class is on a recess until August 3rd.  Be at peace til then!





What You Need:

  • A chair without wheels and a yoga block (or stack of books) for beneath your feet
  • A yoga strap, exercise band or necktie 
  • A space without distractions
  • A computer, phone, tablet or iPad


How to Join:

No need to register in advance — these classes are free to attend. 

A few minutes before the scheduled class time, just click the button below to join our Zoom session.




You are most welcome to join for free; yet some have asked how they can pay for classes, so I've created this option.

If you wish to pay, and there is no expectation, please use this link: